Drake Responds To Lil Wayne’s Jay-Z Dis On It’s Good

Drake Responds To Lil Wayne’s Jay-Z Dis On It’s Good


At the Red Carpet of the 11th annual BMI Awards, MTV’s Rob Markman catches up with Drake to ask about Lil’ Wayne’s diss shots directed at Jay-Z on “It’s Good” off Tha Carter IV. Like Jadakiss, Drake has nothing to do with it, and he just rapped on a beat, that’s between the heavyweights themselves.

“I just got a beat and did a verse over it,” Drake told MTV News from the red carpet for the BMI Urban Awards in L.A. on Friday before he accepted the award for Songwriter of the Year. “Whatever any other individual has to say, you have to ask the man himself. I just did what I know how to do. I just got on a record. I heard the beat, did a verse and heard the final product.”

  • Drizzy Hendrix

    I respect that

  • Good shit. Jay and Drizzy both the shit so this is good news.

  • i think wayne is settin drake up so that when jay do respond to that shit it will take off some the light off wayne

  • drizzyfan

    I think Lil Wayne is just trying to bring Drake into his crap what a major retard Wayne is

  • Xolamabentsela

    no i think weezy will man n clean his shit as for the best rapper drizzy i respect his decision

  • DexB

    Everybody shut up… Drake did a verse WAYNE dis jigga period. Now jigga might wanna come harder cuz Wayne ate him and B

  • Glossynwet

    All yall dirty ass muthafckas shut the fcuk up! Yall don’t know shyt bout shyt except for what u read in a damn google search. Kill urselves!! Drake or Wayne dint give a fcuk about none of yall so get off they dicks.

  • Drizzy Get Grizzly

    Drizzy may be cool with both but he got nuffin to do with wayne and jigga bullshit.