Drake Responds To Fan’s Forehead Tattoo

Drake Responds To Fan’s Forehead Tattoo


A week ago, a Drake fan decided to get Drake tattooed across her forehead, if you missed the article just visit Drake tattoo. Drake says in the below interview that he would like to meet the girl and actually understand what it means to her, but he wasn’t to fond of the tattoo artist at all. What are you thoughts?

  • i totally agree with Drake =)

  • carissalynn

    Confused her forehead with her lower back because her face looks like ass.

  • Teemahh

    i love how he said he wanted to fuck up the tattoo artist .hahaha 

  • Chrisbab89

    hahaha drake went in gna fuk up the tat guy

  • Liyah

    Cant blame the tattoo guy, he was just doing his job. the crazy bitch wanted that sh.t/ drake better watch out cause thats a crazy stalker type bitch right there

  • Tatibratz

    I really do Agree with Drake also cause, I will NEVER in my life will get a tattoo on my forehead like I will get it anywhere else on my body but no face at all thats Nuts!!!

  • Ane Merline

    i agree with drake too

  • Mason Melissa93

    Wow! really now that girl was super crazy for getting his named tatted on her damn forehead if I I was to ever get his name tatted on me it would be small first of all and some where I can only see it.

  • Whittaker2328

    she should go to sleep now…deep hyperbaric sleep

  • god she looks like a fucking monster, if i ever got a tat i would get a ovo tat on  my shoulder to represent drake and maybe a wheel chair, and maybe his face, and maybe my favorite song title from him, and maybe both albums  ooooommmmgggg i would get a tat every where,. nah but just the ovo one

  • drake#1fan

    This is an amazing story. I do agree with drake 100%! The tattoo artist should’ve talked her out of it. But the tattoo itself is true dedication to the greatest rapper of all time <3 i also think that having a tattoo small and not on the face would be a better way of showing her appreciation to him. Afterall she will end up meeting him,and that's probably the best thing to come out of this.

  • mz_grade_a_91

    i agree with drake
    i luv drake i have his cds i go see him but im sorry i would never get his name tatted on me that was just WOW!!!!!!!!

  • lilmizzdrizzy

    mmmkkkkaaayy i love drake i mean i LOVE drake !!!! but if she is a crazy drake fan and rly wanted to get that tattoo i dont see anything wrong with that…but on the face??? well anyways he was jux doin what he gets paid for…… but if he was downing drake like he was i wish that guy does get his a** kick by drake !! other then that he should meet her and at least spend a day with her  :D
       and if he does …….i might even tat my name on him somewhere!! lolzz

  • drakemylove

    i love mr. omgggggggg <3

  • guest emss

    omg, i seriously love drakee. his songs are just amazingg, i really wanted to go to his concert in march but im not allowed to go:( <3

  • Alex williams

    yeh Drake . if you manage to ever meet her and ask her the meaning of it, plz let ur fans know on this site. im alex williams from capetown south africa. you are my role model.. LOVE YOUR WORK!!