Drake Responds To Beefs With Pusha T, Future and Ludacris

Drake Responds To Beefs With Pusha T, Future and Ludacris


Drake squashed beef with Common late last weekend at the NBA All-Star game, but that doesn’t mean Drake don’t got a line of bunch of haters to get to. Drake addressed the rest of these haters such as Pusha T, Future, and Ludacris in the recent Vibe issue February/March.

Future said that Drake’s absence from his Tony Montana video was a slap in the face, Drake commented on this with:

“I’ve got no issues with [Future],” he said. “I’m happy I got on the song [‘Tony Montana’].”

Drake changed subjects and went down Pusha T’s supposed diss on the track “Don’t Fuck With Me”, which carries a line like, “The talk don’t match the leather/The swag don’t match the sweaters” that started the rumors. Drizzy brushed this shot at him by simply saying, “I don’t know [why he dissed me], maybe the guy is bored”.

Finally, Drake tackled the subject of Pusha T’s supposed diss on the song “Don’t Fuck With Me“, which featured lines like “The talk don’t match the leather/The swag don’t match the sweaters” that sparked speculation among listeners. The YMCMB star couldn’t explain the reason for the possible shot, postulating that, “maybe that guy is bored.”

“[As for Pusha T’s subliminal shots,] I’ve been really open about my love for the Clipse. I don’t know [why he dissed me], maybe that guy is bored,”

As for Ludacris’s diss towards Drake and Big Sean on his track “Badaboom“, Drake thinks it was a record to capitalize off of his fame at the moment.

“[Ludacris,] that’s a case of someone trying to use my marketing money to get things going again for themselves,” he said explained. “That didn’t affect my day, my month, my year. I didn’t take any of that seriously.”

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  • Hershey116

    Haters gonna hate. <3 Lovers love Drake<3

  • Swimmindude06

    doesn’t matter they just jealous drake ur so successful and a king of rap fuck all the haters

  • Fredveezy

    battle rap no longer exists. Especially with these ‘soft’ rappers. Most of them glamorize off of the ‘struggle’ one would endure growing up in the street but never really endured…Drake is a silver spoon rapper. I’m reminded of Canibus’ diss to LL back in the day, “99% of your fans wear high heels…”

    Drake will ‘win’ any battle on popularity alone. People will say his verses are the best because HE said them.

    Blah whatever. Just speaks volumes of what Rap has come to. The Biggies, Pacs, Big Ls, etc of our time are cast away in the shadows because media drowns everyone with these glamour rappers.

    • FU

      shut. the. fuck. up. why are you here if you don’t even like drake

    • Bria

      You know what your opinion of rap today is the Same opinion of people back in the 80s people then thought rap at that time was good and didn’t like how it took a big change to rapping about sex the hood all that from the nintyies rap is rap regardless PAC rapped about the love and feel towards women biggie rapped about loving women so you basically calling them soft

  • Drizzy Hendrix

    Ppl hate to see Drake at the top nbs smh

  • The worst constructed article I’ve seen. More effort required?
    Anyway, Pusha’s diss was legit and was more free thought than marketing, but Luda’s was horrible and obvious

  • MS1

    it pisses me off when people talk about how rappers like drake are “soft”. who cares if he’s rapping about something different than many of the rappers back in the day, not everyone grew up in the ghetto, and the people who were aren’t the only ones allowed to rap. Point is, enjoy the music, if you don’t like it, find music that you do. Stop hatin’.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly. You have to know you’re just being used. You’re hot and they’re just trying to get warmed by the fire.

  • Anonymous

    Glad the Common/Drake thing is done bc I love them both.

  • Annie Grace Morgan

    Drake, will you marry me? <3

    • Cookiemonstahh65

       Girl you needa back off !!! His mines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Domaniqueboutte

    i love drake he good at wat he do he betta keep doing wat he ha

  • OVOXO<3

    xoxo to all drake haters…. <3 :)

  • optional

    if drake is so soft what does that make you when you’re dissing him?

  • Alexishanson8

    that right baby.

  • Sefiso

    Screw the haters, Drake remains one of the best rappers Hip-Hop has ever seen!