Drake and Puff Daddy have overcome some major drama to get to...

Drake and Puff Daddy have overcome some major drama to get to where they are now.


Drake and Puff had a pretty hard time back in 2014 when there was a blowup over Drake using Puff’s beat for “The Catch Up” in “0-100”. However, now it seems like the tide has turned and these two have finally buried the hatchet.

According to sources, Puff and Drake put all of their beef aside through a phone call. Last week when Drake was performing in Greensboro for his “Summer Sixteen” tour, Puff made an appearance. Sunday, Puff accepted Drake’s VMA but the audience was wondering if it was legit or if there was something brewing underneath the surface.

The news is in, and apparently Drake and Puff are besties now. Once they got their phone call out of the way, they have become really good friends. Drake actually sent tickets to Puff for his show, and Puff decided to fly down to North Carolina on his private jet. The concert goers were curious why Puff was hanging around instead of partying it up in VIP and it’s because Puff enjoys a normal concert experience. These two have been secret friends for quite sometimes and it looks like a lot of things with Drake are finally coming to the surface.