Drake, 40, and Pharell On Take Care

Drake, 40, and Pharell On Take Care


40, Drake, and Pharell were caught in the studio doing some work this past weekend. Rumors are circulating that these three are putting together a track for Drake’s Take Care album


    when u GOOD at what u do,it doesn’t matter where u go or who u work with,UR GONNA SHINE” )

  • Sasha1130

    i am your biggest fan i love you & follow me on twitter i needdd to tel you soooooo much! – “Sashadrake123” xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kandrea 1

    Loving your music. Talent and of course good looks. ((: keep your head up and putting down nothing but hits! Mwah*

  • Libra’s World

    SMH DAMN, Drake and 40 was bad enough but, now they bring in Pharell lol. Its like everytime I hear bout the a album it gets better and better. Cant wait to get it

  • Drake girl

    drake man i love ya from the beginning and ending but please shave that beard of yours, it making u look like a bear. when ur so handsome , r u hiding from someone baby?lol
    but i beg shave that beard! anywayz gtg so **muah muah**~ to kisses on ur cheeks
    bye babe see you later when u come home.

    you know its you hoe,

    • cbob

      are you the stripper maliah he raps about?  you might lie anyway, but I figured I’d just ask.

  • Thats whats up I respect that!

  • love it papi!!!!!!!!!

    • deejayyxD

      yo stfu yu stalker

  • Stephonpaul

    love this shit man take care drizzy

  • the only nig ill ever luv!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shelparr


  • drizzydrakeee!!!

     yeah drizzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • *Snoody*

    3 way……….. me,drake&pharell!!!!!!!!!!! Lyke Shyt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZeZe<3

    Love Drizzy Love his songs but PLEASE shave. it’ll make eveyone happier :D

  • moises

    i love drake songzzzz !!!

  • krizzy k

    can’t wait take care



  • Kaila Swint

    I know Take Care will be better than Thank Me Later !!

  • ‘Marey Dee

    Drake Is Sooo Talented. I Just Know That Take Care Is Gonna Be AWESOME ! I’ll Be The First In The Queue To Get My Copy :D

  • tahsha

    i love him so much but i just really wish he would cut some of the hair down on his face and head.

    • polaris

      he’s a man…dumbass…not a hairless fairy…find something else to say!


    drake you r soooooooooooooooooooooo fine why are you doing this to yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHAVE THAT BEARD THE HELL OFF AND GO BACK TO THE WAVES. plEASE for the sake of your fans PLEASE