Drake Opening Up A New Club In Houston Called “The Ballet”.

Drake Opening Up A New Club In Houston Called “The Ballet”.


Drake is promoting the Houston scene in a new venue that is said to be more than just a strip club, and will embrace the heart and soul of women, music, and good vibes.

Earlier in the month Drake shared news that he was going to host an event called “The Ballet” on September 5th in Houston. This was going to be a new dance experience, and everyone’s wheels were turning as to what this could really mean.

Last night he shared details and gave insight into the image that Ballet would be composed of. This will be a club that focusing on women, and will provide amazing surroundings. This is supposed to support the dance history that Houston has instead of glorifying strip clubs. He wants to elevate the strip club experience which will inherently change the industry in the future.

Drake shared all of this last night while he as promoting the OVO sound signee DVSN’s event in Houston, “Sept 5th Live”. This is the second year in a row that Drake has hosted his Houston Appreciation Weekend.

We’re excited to see what this new club will bring, because we have faith in Drake and it should be fire.


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