Drake: “Nicki Minaj Is My Dream Girl”

Drake is very open about how he feels for Nicki Minaj in the past, but he takes it to another level recently by calling her his dream girl. The rapper speaks on his fellow Young Money member:

“Her loud personality is something, but her toned down personality is something even more. She knows that shit. She knows not to wear no makeup around because I’ll be f*cking on that shit … She come into the studio with me, no makeup and she’s rapping? I’m proposing right there. That shit is so attractive to me. She’s so attractive to me. She just can rap. What other girl can rap like that? That’s who I want to be my girl, you know? I want my girl to spit like that. Basically. Dreamgirl.”

Drake has joked around in the past about marrying Nicki, and also rumors are that they’ve have a long relationship, have kissed after shows, and so on.

  • deylovesdrizzy

    i love Drake and all, but they’d be beyond cute together… too bad she’s not showing feelings back & doesn’t realize he really has love for her. i’d be lucky to find a dude that shows his feelings like Drake does.

    Dricki for life :)




  • Carleejohnston1993

    lovvvin teamdricki <33

  • Rochel

    Nicki don’t want Drake she just plays with him and he takes it seriously! That’s why Drizzy needs to holla at me!

  • monet3292004

    OMG!!!! she is not gonna take it seriously!!! you might as well, just leave her alone!! that RUMOR is so done and over with! 

  • Ariyanna?’s Drake

    I should marry drake!!! I hate you nikki manaj and if you wanna fight come to 158 summerwood dr. and a sk for a girl named ariyanna!!!! I HATE NIKKI MANAJ SHE STOLE MY MAN!! WHORE!!!

  • Ariyanna?’sAubrey

    no team dricki!!!!!! NEVER!!!!! AS LONG AS I LIVE!!

  • Mrs.AubreyDrakeGrahamOVOXO


  • hottie

    i love drake more then all y’all I’m drake Futer wifyy I’m gonna have all his kids and il be that girl 

  • The Script89

    why?? he deserve better
    i knw maybe she’s cool and everythin bt jst a friend No more No less
    why all the hot guys like stupid ugly gurls!!!!!!!11 “sigh”

  • Ruedigertw2

    tbh my opinion is that they shouldnt date or nothing , not because im a hater beacuse im not , but just because it doesnt seem like they would work out together u know .. they have totally different personalities i mean she like one thing he likes another i just dont think it will work . love them both but i dont think they should dat or marry or whatever

  • Faithbritt


  • Alexxawsomex87

    You’re all staright up^ ignorant. He obviously isn’t YOUR man. Like you’re all gh3tt-0h and neeed to shut the fuck up^.

  • Cuntcobbler69

    cunt cobbler