Drake, Meek Mill, Chris Brown, & Rihanna Twitter Beef

Drake, Meek Mill, Chris Brown, & Rihanna Twitter Beef


This memorial day weekend Meek Mill and Chris Brown got into it over twitter, and the subject at hand was Rihanna. Chris went as far as taking Meek Mill off his album over EX drama. Things don’t stop there though, Drake also chimed in on the whole matter and lastly, Rihanna ends it all with her last twitter pic she posted up. Twitter beef at it’s finest lol. Rihanna must be doing something right to have these three on deck! Check out the entire conversation below.

  • Dang!! I didn’t know Rihanna GOT IT like that! Them bois fiend over her LMAO

    • I’m sayin’! lol she bad but this is some funny stuff

  • ohhh its probly all for the publicity and attenetion.. or just illuminati stuff whatevers ..

  • Rihanna gat ur guyz fighting.lol

  • They just 20 something’s. This happens everyday. They are regular ass people.

  • Freddie Benson

    Rihanna Was like, They Know They Know They Know.

  • Rihanna got that milkshake that bring all the boys to the yard, and there like it’s better than urs lol

  • Doris Anderson

    Oh wow Rihanna is really fucking with that illuminati crap. Y would she say “eye” and not “I”. And she made a “eye” with the women forming it with there arms on a music video.
    And drake so damn silly. He ain’t have no shame in his game knowing she gone see that shit. He just straight up dissed her by calling her a ho.

    • Your’re thinking way to hard. Do you honestly think this broad is part of some elite secret circle? Lets be real and think about this for a minute. I laugh at people who say that these rappers are part of the “illumanati” when these guys were the same men in their mothers basement a few years ago trying to get a deal.

      The illumanati is compiled of ELITE, TOP bankers, ceo’s and power mongers. We’re talking about guys who own the bank, not just a bank account. Its like that movie rosemary’s baby. Some secret underground circle where the people thats actually apart of it. You would NEVER know! They dont go twitter, or dance in videos dropping hints. I can guantee you that.

  • Doris Anderson

    Basically her devil choose who she be with.
    Fuck what they think because only “eye” can choose for her!!

    • Me, being a grown ass man, fighting over a bitch. Not even once!

      I love twitter. It gives you a chance to see just how immature and childish some of these so called “celebs” really are…….IM LOVING IT!

  • Well tins happen! Dey should act mature..next time

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