Drake Is Switching Up The Tempo For His Third Album

Drake Is Switching Up The Tempo For His Third Album


Drake did a press conference call where he shines some new light on what to expect for his upcoming third album.

“Things have evolved in the months since he released Take Care. “Now I’m kind of in a very, very, very, very different place than I’ve ever been,” Drake said. “I think it will be conceptually one of the best projects that I’ve ever worked on because there’s so many new things going on in my life. Everybody knows when it’s new, that’s when I thrive.”

“I think that my mood will be reflected in the tempos that I choose for the music,” Drake said of his next LP during a press conference call Tuesday. “A lot of Take Care, it’s down, a lot of it’s down and I think a lot of that had to do with being back home in Toronto and getting reacquainted with the life I had before and the difficulties of that, but at the same time trying to express excitement and trying to express joy.”

  • Nessi

    Props to drake.. I can’t wait for his new album. But wats up with all this drama that I hear! About drake dissing pitbull and David guetta that he will never go into that style!! Well why would he he’s a rapper and that’s what he owns :)

    • Guest

      He didn’t diss them, he just said that type of music isn’t his style and he wouldn’t go down that route. He said it in one of his London interviews

    • Drake’s#1fan!<3

      Well he didnt really diss them he just said that hes not into that gebre of music. Je said if he was then he’d work with David guetta. Besides Drake doesnt diss he uses his music to tell u what he doesnt like.

  • Az

    i just hope its got a more happier vibe then take care, on that whole album there was not a single song that made me pumped up or happy like “over” or “miss me” did

    • Yeah, but the songs in Take Care are a lot better than in Thank Me Later. ;)
      Take Care (5 out of 5) a masterpiece!

      • Foreverdrake

        Both Take Care and Thank Me Later were good. I think Drake show us different sides of him on each of his albums.

  • Swimmindude06

    ily drake cant wait for next album

  • Loreal

    Sweet!!! Can’t wait 4 the new album Drizzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOLO!

  • Drizzy Hendrix

    Cant wait to hear the new music from Drake he fina hit AGAIN!¡

  • Drake’s#1fan!<3

    EEEPPPP!!! I feel like im talking to him over the phone. But i will in the future!
    Mrs.Aubrey Graham! <3 ;)

  • Wwechick98

    Just do what you got to do Drake. Just make us proud.

  • OVO

  • Jackyjamespage

    gotta love him,so smart,so confident for a man of his age that’s why I support this youngster wish alot of industry people had his insight,positivty,and just a joy to listen to Thank you Ms Graham for sharing him with the world…..

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  • rissabae

    i cant wait for  him album(:

  • Drake iss thee smartest thing hip hop andd thee music world has ever seen, as long as he stay 
    the same artiest he is, New and Fresh .. and dont go making lame ass bullshit music like NICKI MINJA, TYGA, LIL TWIST, and LIL WAYNE. Drake”s music means something andd can reach out too people everywhere that can really under thaat lyrics in the music. Drizzy makes music people want to bye. I Speak that real shit

  • DrebryantYMCMB

    drake is da greatest rapper in da game right now n i cant wait 4 his third album 2 drop