Drake is so Hot Right Now Even Tom Ford’s Drake Version Lipstick...

Drake is so Hot Right Now Even Tom Ford’s Drake Version Lipstick Sold Out Almost Instantly

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Lately everything that Drake does is beyond successful, and demand for the music and products associated with with the Canadian rapper is extremely high. The Drake lipstick offered by top makeup provider Tom Ford sold out almost as soon as it was available, with the Net-a-Porter website offering the lipstick selling out in just a few minutes. Apparently the looks that Drake has made popular in Hotline Bling, his sneakers, and now lipstick with his moniker are all very hard to find. Boutiques for Tom Ford in both Chicago and New York have confirmed in a phone call that they do not have any of the Drake lipstick in stock and he boutiques do not have any plans to restock this very hot item any time soon.

Nordstrom also offers Tom Ford lipsticks but the Drake version is not even listed in the shade choices. On the New Arrivals Page of the website Net-a-Porter has promised consumers that more stock of the Tom Ford Drake lipstick will be available in the near future. For those desperate to try this shade now there are a few choices. Ebay does have some of this product for sale online but buyers can expect to pay anywhere from $80 up to $200 or even more for a full size lipstick in the desired Drake shade. It is also possible to find a metallic berry shade that is very similar, but not an exact replica, from other makeup designers and sellers like NARS and Kat Von D. This move can help you get great lips, but it is not the same thing as having the authentic Tom Ford Drake lipstick. Why do you think the Drake lipstick by Tom Ford is so popular?