Drake Is Discovering His Voice

Drake Is Discovering His Voice


“Fab is talking about something very specific,” Drake said of the shopping-spree-based tune. “He’s talking about going to a store and buying [girls] things. I’ve never done that before. I’ve bought something for a female, but I can’t walk into a store with her and buy her something that she asks for or buy her something in front of her face. I feel like that’s impersonal. I feel like I’m being used at that point.”

“I was listening the other day to a really old song I did — well, old to me. It was about three or four years old,” Drake said. “And I noticed, for the first time in my career, I noticed some consistency. Although my content was more braggadocious, because I really didn’t have anything back then, so I wanted to speak like I had everything. That’s just being young and being influenced by other people. But I noticed I was still talking about myself. If I complimented myself, I would follow it up. I’d catch myself.

“Now it’s at that point where I can only rap about what’s going on around me,” he said.