Drake – Insight – September Edition – The Path of a Legend

Drake – Insight – September Edition – The Path of a Legend


Drake – Insight – September Edition – The Path of a Legend

By Contributing Writer: Simply Phillip Brown

Sorry I was so late with this month’s edition of Insight. I was on vacation for two weeks, a vacation that took me from the beautiful landscape of Georgia to the dance floors of New York. It was in Times Square that I saw a billboard of Janet Jackson with the heading “WHAT BECOMES A LEGEND MOST?” At that very moment, I simply was amazed how when we envision our journey, we are left as if we have so very much to accomplish on the inside.

Looking through the window, others see the surface, what they believe to be the finished product. Within, we hide the scrapes and bruises that we received on our path to get where we are. To become something better then we once were, we may be on top selling millions of albums, then surrounded by controversy and selling no records the next.

Lord knows, in life, they praise you one day only to tear you down the next. Sometimes we have to learn to be strong, even when we are unsure.

Mentally, all artists want to put out great music, music that makes you think, music that makes you snap your fingers, music that makes you want to hit your favorite club with your friends and dance the night away.

But every now and then a song reaches out and hits home, and that song touches souls. In my mind, that is when something incredible takes places—a legend is born.

When you make someone on the wrong path turn around and say that they want to do right. When you change someone who once had a dream of being a great rapper who has continued with their hustle, it shows us all that a dream without hard work, will remain simply that…a dream. Many artists say that feeling is worth more than selling millions of albums, and makes any sacrifice or pain you’ve endured in life worth it. In that very feeling, you remember who you are and the reasons that you did what you did from the very start.

In simpler terms and to tie my random thoughts together, to be a legend it is what you do, not what you sell, that both shows and proves you to the world: That this is not simply a passing career phase for you, but a life decision, a decision that you choose to share with the world and a journey that you will continue to walk for the rest of your life.

The runs, the stops, the takes, the breaks, in whatever path Drake chooses to take: These are the makings of a legend. I love who he is now, but I wait for the future to see what he will become, the person life will shape him to be…he is a man on the path to becoming a legend!

Until next month everyone!

  • Mrs. AD Graham

    Wow baby Im sooo proud of you. Mwah mwah mwah thanks 4 being a wonderful man n loving me uncontional i love everything u do n thx again 4 the reminder lol thank you luv cant wait 2 b in ur arms kiss lucky lefty 4 me….lol n I cant wait 4 my celebration w u cos all i doo is think of u 2 lol Hands down still u the f*c*n best this far jus wait til u get a dose again…lol lol love u. Mwah do ur thang papi im 4 ever w my man. Mwah mwah mwah mwah love u mwah mwah mwah.