Drake Insight | October Edition – A New Direction

Drake Insight | October Edition – A New Direction


My story is not much different from a lot of other young entrepreneurs. Armed with a vision of how I could do it better, a lot of passion and the right amount of insanity, I set off to do something with an over 90% statistical chance of failure: Become A Entertainment News Writer.

The columns I have been writing for Drizzy Drake to this point have been more academic-sounding and, I’m not an academic. In other words, they have been somewhat inauthentic — they didn’t feel right.
So from this point, the nature of my column will change. I’m going to have a new direction. If you are of course needing something to tide you over, PLEASE feel free to go over the past Insight entries in the archives and comment and look around. I will return next month.

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  • Mrs. AD Graham

    All of them were insight ful but yes I do like it when u just let it flow n speak from ur heart rather from a view point. Kuddos either way.