Drake In MANIFESTO’s Canadian Hip Hop Legends Artwork

Drake In MANIFESTO’s Canadian Hip Hop Legends Artwork


Drake Drizzy is just one of many Canadian artist honored in this legendary tribute piece of art by Manifesto. This piece of art is being auctioned off to support the work on Manifesto’s arts education stream. The entire length of the piece is 30 feet long and is made entirely out of rubix cubes. To learn more about this event visit their blog MANIFESTO.

Not sure what a rubix cube is, check out the image below. Now think how many rubix cubes would you need to make a master piece like that? :)

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    Question? When do the OVO fest Toronto 2012 tickets go on sale? The TicketLiquidator tickets are so high. I’m a mother of two, who loves Drake music. This price of $130-700 is so ridiculous. I’m in my early thirties and if I did not have any kids, this is still too high. So, is LiveNation or Ticketmaster getting any tickets with a reasonable price?