Drake Starring In New Ice Age Movie

Drake Starring In New Ice Age Movie


Singer/Actress Jennifer Lopez is the latest voice addition to the forthcoming animated film “Ice Age: Continental Drift.” Lopez and actor Jeremy Renner will join new voice cast members Keke Palmer, rapper Drake, Wanda Sykes and Aziz Ansari. The new additions was announced on Tuesday (April 26) during a Fox presentation, during which the studio met potential promotional partners, licensees and retail partners.

  • Jeremykey01

    mann, Drake yall need to send ya boii a copy of da movie

  • lety24

    omg dake ur gonna b in ice age how awesome thats cool well all i needa 2 no is that i needa watch that movie

  • Shelparr


  • Daybling

    i like drake hes like da best rapper out there nd he waz in degrassi

  • Juancho

    Dammm this ice age moviee is gonna be the shitt with Drake in there!!!! 

  • NessaaLovesYuhh<3(;

    woww Lety Yuhh Would XD


     YAY!! ma boo is gna b in ice age… definitly watchin dat!!!

  • krizzy k

    i got watch no ifs and buts about jus wondering what animal you playing??????????????

  • Skylarlyons

    drake u r so sexy i cant wait to hear in that movie

  • J2ellis059

    :D yesss drizzy keep it goin success is ur specialty

  • Amy

    this time it will be better with drake’s voice 

  • Amy

    drake has some sexy voice cant wait shout out to drake LOVE U

  • drakelovesme_

    ohh yesss !

  • icnt wait to c dat

  • D.A.P

    Drake can do everything

  • Kaila Swint

    Honestly if Drake wasnt in this , I wouldnt go to the movies and see it , like I am when it comes out !!

  • Kaila Swint

    Okay I already know im going to see it. Question is when is it coming out ?

    • SarahDrizzyy

      July 13 , 2012

      • Kaila Swint

        Dangg 2012 , I thought it said 2011 for a minute ! Dang why so long !

  • drizzyLUVAH

    imma watch it 2c drake…..i cant wait

  • i<3ymcmb

    You people do know its animated. so your not gonna actually see drake. you’ll see some kind or animated animal. its just his voice lol

  • carlpittso

    finally an excuse to watch ice age

  • Ayan

    i don’t like ice age but if drake in it i’ll definitely watch it <3