Drake Ranks #4 On MTV’s Hottest MCs In The Game

Drake Ranks #4 On MTV’s Hottest MCs In The Game


“He’s been on the radio all year,” RapFix editor Hillary Crosley said during the Hottest MCs roundtable. “Like, I can’t get away from him. It’s impossible.” “Different artists, they may have a hot regional presence or be hot on the East Coast or Down South around Atlanta or whatever,” added MTV News supervising producer Sean Lee, “but this dude — everywhere, man.”

  • Chris Foster

    Hes not number 1 cause Eminems hott right now but he is def over Kanye. I like Kanye and all but Drizzy has been on the overall scene more since the last Hottest Mc’s.

  • Crystal

    Hell yeah, Drake’s everywhere. You see his face everywhere, if not you hear his music… if not on tv, then u hear it on the radio or in the clubs, there’s no avoiding him lol. Keep killing em Drizzy!!! He’s def. making his way up to #1 sooner or later! :)

  • Pat

    thats bullshit…

  • kanye??? they don’t know how to avalliate

  • John jwaller Smith

    drake shoud be one or two thats bull kanye dissapeared for one and two he not even lyrically seeing drake or in song making, drake in my opinion the best male song maker in the game as of now so they deff need to change that up

  • Ciara

    I mean i feel Drake is soooo fuhking ill he should be in atleast the top 3. Like Drake is really going hard and Drake is on a level to where people can relate to his music but Kanye cant do that. Drake gives you like this certain vibe after you listen to his music, Kanye does to but Drakes vibe has a stronger effect.

  • 1st of all some of them ppl that was on that list should not be on their, that hole list was fuck up!!
    More than half of all the pple in the game is followin Kanye thats why he’s # 1. Drake is my favorite artist any way thow LOVE Drake

  • Sean

    he’s top 5 for sure right now ..

  • WTF HE KANYE SHOULD Be top 3 with drake and jay