Drake Says He’s ‘Evolved’ Since Last Year’s Hottest MCs List

Drake Says He’s ‘Evolved’ Since Last Year’s Hottest MCs List


‘I think I had a lot of pressure and a lot of things to prove,’ Drizzy tells MTV News of landing at #3 before his debut.

The nod was due largely to his breakout mixtape, So Far Gone, on which Drake’s mix of melodic R&B crooning and biting rhymes propelled him to stardom. This year, the rapper released his first album, Thank Me Later, refining his formula and transforming from rookie sensation to bona fide hit maker.

According to Drake, it’s his consistency from a standout mixtape to his successful debut that marks his candidacy for this year’s upcoming list.

“I think I had a lot of pressure and a lot of things to prove,” Drake told MTV News. “And a lot of the comments last time were, ‘He didn’t have an album out and he’s still a mixtape rapper. He has a lot to prove.’ I think with Thank Me Later, it was a solid delivery on a high-pressure situation.”

Although Thank Me Later, like its predecessor, features a balance of singing and rapping, Drake said he improved lyrically on the effort and he takes pride his budding skills.

“I worked hard on trying to stay interesting,” he explained. “I feel like my flow has evolved a bit from the last time you did [the list].

“One thing I can say, I’m proud of the raps on Thank Me Later,” Drake continued. “If you ask me what my corrections would be on this album, I wouldn’t say the raps could be iller. They can always be iller, but that wasn’t my thing. I was in a more sound-and-hook zone, where I would want to make those stronger. But rap-wise, I think I delivered. ‘Over’ was a strong rap song. ‘Up All Night’ and, if you get into the album cuts, ‘Thank Me Now,’ ‘The Resistance,’ those are songs I’m proud of, rap-wise. I think, based off of the consistency, it was a good record.”

Source: MTV

  • Drake don’t have 2 prove nuttin 2 know body. If So Far Gone was not enough then i don’t know what else he have or should do 4 anybody. Top ARTIST in the game is
    2.Kanye West
    F everybody else others just can’t hit lol sorry

  • fay

    draaaaakkkkeeeeee you the best man.always and forever in my heart <3

  • Crystal

    He def. has and I agree, he doesn’t have to prove anything to anybody. He’s getting better and better by the minute. Keep killing em Drizzy!!!! :D

  • SymoneilyDrake

    no matter what, Drake will ALWAYS be the best in my hear!!!!! i love you Drake and you are the best , no other rapper has made me smile or laugh or criie whenever i here one of your songs! your real and you rap about real things. not hat i have enything against them but my favorite rappers of all time will be Drake first, Digggy secong, and of corse Kenye and Jay-Z are a beast! but i had to comment on this! your the best in my heart and well……. YOU ARE MY HEART!!
    I LOVE YOU dRAKE<3333