Drake Growing Into A Man

Drake Growing Into A Man


“I don’t necessarily know all the time who Drake is” Aubrey “Drake” Graham tells MTV. He’s probably not alone there. Many people might only know Aubrey (who goes by his middle name, Drake, for his rap career) as the rapper that might have or have not dated Rihanna. I might always think of him as “Wheelchair Jimmy” from Degrassi, the Beverly Hills 90210 of Canada. However, I’m beginning to accept that he’s also the rising-star rapper collaborating with the likes of Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Jay-Z, . I should have learned my lesson with Alanis Morissette: don’t pigeonhole Canadian child stars.

Drake, like any 23 year old, is going through the process of learning who he is. The mixtape master, who was hanging out with his real life buddies on the balcony of the W Hotel in Miami yesterday, confesses “I’m learning about myself.”

“That’s what my music is about”, he explains. Drake isn’t scared to show this personal journey to his fans. “I grew up on TV, I’ve always become accustomed to sharing my life with the world. At least now I get to do it in my own words….so I’m not a character…Me growing into an artist is me growing into a man.”

Drake seems down to earth and thoughtful. I hope he keeps on the right path. Seeing a rising celebrity that values honesty and introspection is like seeing Jimmy walk again when he saves Ashley from the flying lunch tray. It might be too good to be true, but you hope it’s not.

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  • AndrewNMartinez

    i remember that episode. man drake is unexplainable but amazing. he is by far one of the best lyricist i have heard and wow just keep it going my friend. just have fun and project your energy in a positive way. Drake! come to McAllen, Texas! Zip code: 78501!

  • cashii

    drake is tha greatest and tha sexiest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drake!<3

    i <# drizzy