Drake Got His First Tattoo

Drake Got His First Tattoo [photo]


Drake was sporting an OVO owl on his right shoulder at this year’s OVO fest held in Toronto, Canada. Drizzy was rumored to say that he would never get ink, the owl is the official symbol of his brand October’s Very Own.

  • Enoc215

    Come on Drizzy, we where the same until now…

  • Karla Angelica Andino

    a OVO white owl…looks good, but don’t more tattoo, U looking good already

    • Ilovedrake

      i agree 100% drake is sexy he does not need all of these tats like lil wayne and etc. one is enough

  • drizzy, i am so disappointed in you………………. this is deppressing.
    you said you wouldnt change. take care better be the best, cause thats the only way u gon make up
    for this

    • Desi9310

      He didnnnnnT Channnnnqe He jusss Got a tatto ! Like Dammm Leave Him alonee Let Hem Be if he wantsss a tatto Lemme Have Oneee ! annd Take Careee iss Gunna Be Theee Bessssst Causeee if Drakeee Wasss 2 even Channnnqe Hissz Musssics Alwayssss Gunna Be Theee bessssT thassss Oneeee ThannnnG That Will Neva Chanqeeee ! Drizzy Drakee The bessstest <3

  • DONT GET ANY MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • charmd87

      i know he better not get more!

  • forever_ms.graham

    love it just dont get some much your still the same to me love yoouu !!

  • DaniaJ

    Its kinda cool. just no more. plllllleeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeee :)

  • Ducev2

    its probably a henna tat. not real

  • Poetic_queen19

    is it really real?

  • Pleasant

    WHY DRAKE, WHY???!!!!! Your individuality is what I loved most about you, that and the facial hair of course,lol.  I am kind of dissappointed though….do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind(that’s a beautiful thing)

  • doughboimagic

    Let Drake do him,He can do what ever he want to do.Because he got a tattoo don’t mean he changing.Its probably a Airbrush just to see how it look on him.

    • Ilovedrake

      i hope it is a airbrush and that he never gets a tat

  • Heygirl87

    That doesn’t look real.

  • Boots_Bae

    some people say they dont like it… but personal i think its very sexy and im still a fan and will be buying the take care album! stay tru bae!: )

  • Boots_Bae

    …. i like it< i mite get a henna just like it

  • Yeah the tattoo is real and it represents Octobers very own! It might be a weird choice but at least it has meaning to it!

  • Silvia Bobby

    Drake do you, whatever makes you happy, come back to DC. We’re waiting

    • Guest

      i agree, you def need to visit DC in your next tour

  • Scsfca1

    I see nothing wrong with it…he also has angel wings and a quote

  • Libra’s World

    I dont think thats real hold time nbs

  • Greg Guzman

    VIVA OVOXO! Its his decision so guys, just leave him alone. Its not your body…

  • SymoneXO

    the OVO owl!! i love it.. i want a matching one :) !!! i think it’s amazing & it fits him. and just because he’s gettin a tatoo doesn’t mean that he’s changing.. this owl is representing his individuallity & Take Care! i love you <33

  • Krizzy2222

    Omgg Stop Lyin!!!!!! No More Please

  • truecheetahgirl

    That is probably not real just a little spray on or something for goodness sakes the man is jewish in the jewish faith tattoos are forbidden so more than likely its fake

  • drizzygurl

    i like it its sweet shit dat nigga can put anythang he want on his body.
    i bet he going get many more as along as he dnt put shit on his hands im straight but even if he did dat nigga drizzy drake is still dat nigga

  • Marisolthebes964

    let him be his a human being just like us he can do whatever he wants last time i check his a grown man .. i dislike pple like ya that put him down ya supposed to put him up… 

  • drizzyss #1fan

    drake dat tat is freshh all da wayy sooo happy for uu

  • Ella

    *sighs* this ruined my day… I dont even check this page anymore.. afraid to be disappointed as I always am now, every time I check it. Still Love your music though. Will buy your album, solely for that purpose. Which I am sure is all you care about anyway, right?  Right.     eh….

  • Shatywasup

    mayne, idk wat to say bout dis. (shocker) like yur drizzy evry1 tryna get like yu && for yu to lower yur standards by fittn in like deez otha dudes , gettn tattoos and thingz jus as lng as yu got it 4 yu but that’s prolly not it sooooooooooooooo………….

  • drizzy drake lover

    drake can do whatever the hell he wants too leave my man alone and move on to your own lives

  • Jasminepayt

    Noooooooo =( ……..still your number 1 fan =)

  • StephiLizethSabillon

    all these people talking about im disappointed on you cause you got tatted up leave Drake alone he has his reason’s why he did it. why all you guy’s mad though? you act like if he killed someone im still a fan no matter what he’s done. <3

  • Ahhh :)
    I might as well get the same thing ;)

  • Angelscrown1996

    Let him be who he wantss, no one can stop him.

  • Drizzy

    This Tatto Representing Take Care And October Very Own

  • drizzy soph.

    lil wayne said to him, dont ever get a tattoo, cannot believe it lil wayne?! he is covered in them. but take his advice drizzy, and the advice of your fans

  • Tasnova

    its def. not real.

  • Ak47-so-get-the-fuck-down

    you all are dumb as shit why do ya’ll think hes sporting that logo?? and why he put it as a symbol for octobers very own? well, that exact logo (the owl) is for the bohemian grove which is a secret society!! his dad was a member, and now he is a member! comon people. put the peices together!! how do u think he’s so famous and part jewish? theres no co-incedence!!! do some re-search your bound 2 find something!!! pleaseee dont go idiolizing these celebrities when they stand for only one thing : they want to be god themselves… wake the fuk up!

  • Drizzy Drake’s Nephew

    It’s real Cuz its my Cousin

  • Dolla


  • Andre

    lil wayne is f-ing drake upp :(