Drake Goes Gold First Week For Take Care!

Drake Goes Gold First Week For Take Care!


Drake topped the charts with his sophomore albumTake Care” selling 659,190 units the first week. This is the first time that Drake goes gold in the first week sales. I’m sure he will go platinum in the coming week(s). Thank you to all the fans that went out and purchased a copy of Drake’s sophomore album. Check out all the fans that rep Drake!

  • Aybee

    He didn’t make it to 700,000 :(

  • Guest

    It would have been a mill if it didn’t leak

  • Torres_ben

    nope :(

  • Torres_ben

    i got my 25 copies its cool

  • Taishan83

    yes, it’s unfortunate he didn’t reach the milestone, but if you care about the numbers, look at it this way, and yes I’m writing a lot, fuck off if you didn’t read it, I don’t care, fact is he destroyed the competition across the entire fucking industry and you need to respect that and see these numbers are, apart from failing to meet the ridiculous expectations, amazing. drake sold about 200 mill more than coldplay did first week, and more important, 200 mill more than jay and ye. shit man, this is NOT a great economy we have in recent years, sales of products people can’t even download instead of buying are down too, and instead of pretending everyone has as much cash to throw around as drake and wayne, you need to adjust your expectations accordingly. drake sold 200 mill more than the biggest stars of any genres, 200 mill more than watch the throne- which wasn’t even leaked, of course- I repeat that, 200 mill more than watch the throne. who is drake? until recent years, just a fucking canadian child actor! nobody in the mainstream even heard of him until after Nas said hip hop already died in ’06! and yet, he sold 200 mill more, even with a leak, in his first week, on his second album, second album, than the biggest stars of hip hop, who had assists from beyonce, hardcore fans in every genre, with critics sucking their dicks relentlessly even on the wack moments. and for someone doing something new for the mainstream (even haters agree) rather than same old (as gaga is doing in pop, as far as her actual music, there’s nothing original or different in it that madonna didn’t do decades ago) and someone who stayed in his own city and repped it over and over, even if that city happens to be Toronto, TO, T-dot, whatever- not a city that the US industry necessarily care to see repped that way, I mean even when Canadian rockers made it, like Neil Young, even when they had the occasional song about Canada, they didn’t sing about Canada as much as Drake talks about it! in a way Drake is the most proudly Canadian musician ever to achieve such success- to do these kind of numbers on a second album, which is for that matter, entirely produced by his own friend, also from to, and not a big name known before Drake for other chart topping shit, and to do these numbers for an album which might feature Stevie on one track and Andre 3000 on another, Rihanna on another, Nicki on another, sure, those help, but yet its most prominent guest is still Weeknd, another CANADIAN, and a massive but still an UNSIGNED artist, who Drake himself helped discover- to do those kind of numbers without compromising who you are and where you’re from, this is unprecedented in the charts, not just in hip hop. this year, to sell what Drake sold, for anyone but especially for Drake who has refused to compromise who he is, is still incredible, it doesnt get bigger than that, unless you’re weezy… or gaga, who supposedly sold over a mill. but she doesnt have so many fans- she only sold so much by giving away the album for $1, which billboard have actually ruled will disqualify any future albums from the charts- and should really disqualify her. $1 is not a real album price- it’s good for consumers, but it’s not fair because no one else can afford to charge that- if you want to charge that, fine, but do it as a charity for your fans, not to inflate your sales- that’s bullshit. gaga cheated to break sales records, and billboard ruled that she cheated. it’s almost like counting the free leak downloads of take care in drake’s sales total. so essentially, gaga isnt even in the game, it’s just wayne and drake who managed to get almost a million people out there willingly paying money for their album first week. and i think he’s ok with selling a little less than his mentor- especially since he’s got more of the haters and the critics on his side this year- and there is no question drake’s sales will be going up even further, and wayne’s can only go down from here.┬áseriously, who was even having this conversation a few years ago about drake- these sales prove drake is, apart from wayne, the most popular artist today. the most popular artist, any fucking genre, in the USA and more and more, the world. a fucking canadian rapper! those words would’ve been a joke in the US mainstream just four years ago. drake himself was seen as a joke once. and he’s respected more and more by people in the game. 200 mill more than watch the throne. how did that happen? because his music only gets better, and people can accept its reality even if they don’t feel it at first. I wasnt that impressed by thank me later at first, to be honest. I loved the mixtapes, then I heard take care, that was it.┬ádrake is doing something that cannot be judged by the same rules as apply to most artists in the charts now. but yet, even if we apply those same rules, drake has exceeded every artist of every genre in sales this year apart from wayne. how can we be disappointed… there are better things to worry about. shit man, if you can afford 25 copies, go all out, but these numbers are just the beginning. album like this ain’t going away after its first week anyway. the more that hear it, the more buy it, even if most that hear it won’t buy it. over time, a leak only helps, preparing the way. drake is poised to be not only hip hop’s biggest star, but the biggest star in the fucking industry. i’d be afraid for him, because that success can destroy, if i didn’t have such respect for his ability to stay true to whatever he needs to say.

    • Zeek_Tha_Leek

      I don’t think Drake sold 200,000,000 more than Jay-Z and Kanye? Because that would be the #1 Selling Album of Alltime?

    • Zeek_Tha_Leek

      He also reps Vegas and Houston and Atlantic city.. I love Drake just as much as you but when you say things that have no truth to them it just makes people think Drake fans are ignorant and unintelligent

    • 200 mill ??? nigga do u kno how to count !?! lmfaooo maybe 200 thousand buuut 200 mill !?! that nigga would be a billionaire if he sold 200 mill hahaha he aint even sell a mill yet lol ur trippin how u gonna write that long ass story n not have the right info ?? smh.. ppl these days…

    • Jay Dot 24

      im a die hard drake fan. but and i love the fact ppl appreciate his music just as i do..But its things like this that make ppl dislike the artist..^^^..you must have proof before you put something out there like that..200mil more then jay and kanye. thats rediculus. he sold 200 thousand more first off..His album went gold almost reaching 700,000,. He would have gone double plaitnum if he sold 2mill bro..Do your reasearch correct man.^

  • ADG-LilHabzy08

    Congratulations Drizzy. XXX

  • K’La Monae !

    #TRUE DRIZZY FAN 100 % ! =) <3

  • mike

    im so drizzy drake fan 100%

  • RealNiggaWussup

    i got my free t-shirt :) ! support drake !

  • Fr3sh2d3f

    Like my post if you did not read Taishan83’s whole long ass essay.

  • Murraylennso

    drake is the best in the game right now TEAM OVO !!!!!!