Drake Gallery Updated and I Get Paper Drake Song

Drake Gallery Updated and I Get Paper Drake Song


It’s unfortunate that Drake didn’t win the new artist award in the VMA’s, but that’s okay his flow is still sick. In other news I’ve updated the Drake gallery with some fresh new pictures, so make sure to go ahead and check those out.

NEW Drake – I Get Paper featuring Kevin Cossom! It was called Juice earlier but it sounds pretty good. Let DrizzyDrake.org know what you think.


Download – Drake ft. Kevin Cossom – I Get Paper

  • Brenda

    I love the beat!!! and i especially love drake

  • Brie

    Drizzy look so good in ths pic…
    !i luv you Aubrey!

  • Eva

    Fly foto.
    As about the song, the remix was real good, I’m a original cind of gurl but, ya.
    Kevin Cossmo did a good job on the chorus.

    Damnit Drake, when u gonna holla back? :)
    When are u gonna visit us poor peeps up north in Europe (Sweden, Stockholm).

    Keep up the good work Aubrey, u got everything.


  • abcgp ,

    woooooooo ! Mamamiaa ! (:
    never saw this picture before , danq look at him !
    “im styll fly im sky high and i dare anybody to try and cute my wings
    im still shuttinq citys down everytime i come around ” <— styll fly . !!! B.A sonq
    Gawddd i just peee'd alll ova my fucken pants , it only takes on picture tooo
    make me gooo crazzyy one smillle to make me smilllle — 00hh my !
    i sound like a fucken stalker , obbseesenatoorr ! Owelll i love himm &&
    imana hunt his ass down (((: WATCH OUTT ! aha kidddinq i would never qet
    that annoyinq but foorreall this man is takinq up to the next level , <3