• lol he def does

  • nancy mendez

    I’m so happy that you don’t smoke weed drake. Besides being as fine as you are, you do good as far as having a career. I fucking love you. Marry me baby!!

  • Kenza Janjua

    LOL! check the ace he makes Haha

  • Drakeswifey

    Yes he does smokr weed! Lol

  • Andrea Hamlett

    I LOVE YOU ! i beleive that you dont smoke and you are a very positive person deep from the heart and i know that because i am i love with you and want to be one of the girls that you kiss on the neck on stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS MY TWITTER! :@mrsdrizzy18 ( 18 is my favorite number and 24 is toooo )

  • bree

    Drake is so talented and I can’t wait to see more rappers from Canada go drake go lol

    • angela

      you’ll see justin bieber in the rap game when he’s older.

  • Crystal

    Lmfaooo yeahhhh right!

  • jessica

    Speaking of Canadian artists

    Jay-Z just signed PRODi-J from Toronto, Canada to ROC Nation

    Jay-Z has told media that the deal was in discussion, but now has been signed! HE is SOOO HAWTT!! I love how people from Canada are shaking up the Industry! check him out here!! http://www.facebook.com/prodijcanadapage

  • This is a GOOD LOOK! Peanut Butter & Jelly, AKA PB&J. Follow and Tweet. @sharonawoodford.

  • Nessi

    Glad to know he doesn’t smoke :D!!!…. Adore his smile!….HES SO SEXY <3. LOVE U DRAKE