Drake Disses Hot 97 and It Matters (Video Footage)

Drake Disses Hot 97 and It Matters (Video Footage)


At his New York City concert last Thursday night Drizzy called out the radio station Hot 97, telling his audience that “They tellin’ lies on Hot 97 and that’s how it goes” A little later Drake added that “I told ’em fire Funk Flex, then I’ll come and do your show.” This diss was a fire back after ebro Darden made a joke about how Drizzy would try to go after Eminem if Eminem ever dissed the Toronto rapper.

This was a reference to the Drizzy Joe Budden feud going on right now since Budden is part of the crew at Eminem’s Shady Records. Drake is also not pleased with DJ Funk Flex, the legendary name at Hot 97, because Flex played the diss track Meek Mill aimed at Drizzy called Wanna Know. Hot 97 is the radio station that gave Drake his first shot at on air freestyle. A number of radio personalities weighed in on the diss by Drake, with Hot 97 & ESPN’s Own @Rosenbergradio responding “I don’t approve of drake saying f*ck hot 97 cuz we do generally support the hell out of him .. But I Def understand him hating some people.”

Watch Video below: