Drake Did NOT Beat Up Chris Brown

Drake Did NOT Beat Up Chris Brown


Drake is adamant … he is not responsible for the bloody gash on Chris Brown‘s face … claiming he was simply leaving the nightclub when the brawl broke out … but sources tell us, the fight started after Chris Brown and a rapper at Drake’s table started trash talking each other.

The rapper hanging with Drake — Meek Mill — was screaming at Chris and Chris was giving it right back to Meek Mill. One of Chris’ lieutenants was also involved in the screaming match.

Our sources would NOT say what specifically they were arguing about — partly out of fear that someone will get hurt. But we are told the argument was NOT over Rihanna.

One source says Chris was hurt when Meek Mill hit him with a bottle.

A rep for Drake tells TMZ … “Drake did not participate in any wrongdoing of any kind last night at W.i.P. He was on his way out of the club when the altercation began.”

The rep adds, “[Drake] did not engage in any activity which resulted in injury to person or damage to property.”

  • Loreal Frias

    I reall wish this is true!!! I love both chris brown and drake!!!

  • Comeisha ShadowQueen McWhite

    Who cares?! Drizzy just keep making that music us ladies love!!!! U did ya thang Saturday in Camden too!!!

  • helen alemu

    Omg! Im sooo happy he wasn’t involved,if he got i hurt i would kill somebody! <3Drake

  • i already wrote something about this on his fb page! its ridiculous….

  • Assata Cradle-Morgan

    I’m with drake all the way.Drake just need to stop replyin.

  • Freddie Benson

    I’ll beat all of them the fuck up! Cause i’m a fucking real ass nigga! FUCK WIT IT!
    XD Hail naw i would get my ass whooped by these niggas.
    But in all seriousness, One Word explains all of this, Publicity. Open them Eyes guys!
    I just started listening to Chris Brown because of this twitter beef ^_^

  • Annisha Broomfield

    Fuck what they got to say keep making money…

  • taishabadden

    I think Drake should say sorry to Chris, like really it’s just a girl. What’s the whole point of fighting for Rihanna. I think Rihanna should date someone else not Drake or Chris. And Drake and his crew should also say sorry to those other people who also got hurt. But I feel like I’m mad at Drake right now and I don’t want to be mad at Rihanna.

    • It wuz never confirmed that it wuz about Rihanna and meek and the crew threw the bottles. Drake and left.

      • helen alemu

        Thank you! Thats what really happened im so sick of ppl blamming it on Drake. Hes innocent! The even have footage of him leaving before the fight. If ppl were real Drake fans they’d know he would nvr do anything to hurt anmyone,especially chris he and Chris brown are good friends!

    • helen alemu

      Why are you blaming Drake????

  • helen alemu

    This is what happened Chris Brown and Meek mill have twitter beef. So when Chris saw Drake and Meek hanging out he sent a bottle to Drake and Meek. Meek Mill got mad and threw the bottle but Drake had left a little after he recieved the bottle, It was Drake and Chris’ entourage who did all the fighting and glass breaking.