Drake Cozies Up With UK Singer “NY” In Nightclub

Drake Cozies Up With UK Singer “NY” In Nightclub


Drake was spotted having a good time with UK singer “NY” in a nightclub while doing his Club Paradise tour in Europe. Check out the photos below. New fling perhaps?

via InFlexWeTrust

  • Drakes#1Fan<3

    I cried my eyes out when i saw this beacause 1- she’s ugly 2- its not me 3- Hes happy with her! Please dont be together.. Im still crying! Im praying they’re not together.

    • Farid

      Damn girl you are stupid and really crazy ! Oh My Goodness ! You have to call a doctor because it’s dangerous for yourself and others people !!!
      He’s a singer not your man !!! He’s a real artist and one of my best inspirations but U have to keep the idea that he’s still human not more or less than U ! 

    • Killer Chels


  • Sandi0612

    im sure it was just good times..besides if u love him u want him to be happy regardless….we dont have a chance anyway and hes young livin life its gonna be ok ;)

  • Dillontheswagguy01

    she ok.

  • ANGIE.M.2183

    awe :) dont be mean shes not ugly! 

  • he faded and he know wat he doing but its ok lol love him though