Drake On The Cover of US Weekly’s Top 100 Cutest Guys

Drake On The Cover of US Weekly’s Top 100 Cutest Guys


Drake is part of US Magazines Top 100 Cutest Guys Issue. Drake also tells the ladies fans that he 100% single, “I’m definitely down to build a relationship. I’m a person who likes connecting in life and love”. This issue hits magazine stands June 29th.

  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im soooo happy! he is THEE finest dude in the entire world :) :)

  • Loreal Frias

    Um hell yeah is one of the cutest dudes!!! Nah let me re phrase that, he is the sexiest man in the world!!! Hells yeah!!! I love you baby!!! :) <3<3<3

  • LOL!..thats my Drizzy. But Drake said; “I never get attracted to fans, cause the eager Beaver could be the collapse of the Dam”

  • So why is he seeking for a relationship among the fans! :D

    • Onereal Love

      I don’t think he is seeking- especially among his fans. The person most likely be outside the circle of his music, but of course he’s waiting for the right one. Also he most likely will base it on mutual soul love.

  • You deserve it drake. You should be #1. Your looks are amazing.

  • awwww congrats hun…

  • Drake is fine as hell! NO suprise he is on the cover on this magazine! I want this magazine!!!