Drake Comic Book Releasing January 31st

Drake Comic Book Releasing January 31st


Drake comic book will be on sale January 31st, 2012. The comic book was written by Marc Shapiro, the comic will be a biographical timeline of Drake’s rise to fame. Fame:Drake is available for pre-order now. Shapiro had a few things to say:

“What makes Drake such a distinctive creative personality is that he’s not just one thing. His music encompasses hip-hop, rap, old style rhythm and blues, soul and pop. And he’s somebody whose music is commercial enough that you can actually hear his music on the radio if you search long enough.”

“When was the last time you heard of a celebrity blowing off a lucrative tour to be at his mother’s side during her stay in the hospital? Drake did just that. You could die of old age waiting to find somebody who has as much soul, creatively and as a human being, as Drake.”

“It makes sense for us to choose a subject matter like Drake that would entice younger readers to read.”

You can pre-order your copy today here!

source: Peace Magazine

  • the first comic book i will have ever read

  • drake’s#1fan

    FINALLY!!!!!! i have been waiting for this to comeout since september!

  • Voodoo Child OVO

    just reserved my copy!

  • Johnathan Rodriguez


  • lilmizzdrizzy

    the first comic book i ever and probably will read !!