Drake Collapses On Stage!

Drake Collapses On Stage!


Drake, who is currently on the “America’s Most Wanted” tour, was performing at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, New Jersey when he suddenly went down flat on the stage. His nasty fall comes a month after he tore his ACL.

Drake collapsed on the stage
Drake took the stage with Lil Wayne and the Young Money crew to perform the song “Best I Ever Had” but the already injured singer lasted just a few seconds before slipping and collapsing on the stage.

In a video posted to YouTube, the hip hop star is seen falling to the ground and after being retrieved seconds later by stagehands was carried off stage by his crew.

In the footage, the Canadian entertainer, who is an occasional Rihanna companion, is seen ramping up the crowd to sing to his current hit, running across stage before going down flat. Fortunately, Lil Wayne was present to finish up the song.

Drake tweeted
After the fall, Drake took to his Twitter page to update the fans about his health. Seemingly in good spirits, the singer said: “All is well.”

“On the bus laying down… getting surgery this week but I’m walking,” he tweeted. “Than my whole [Young Money] family for the help!”

After Drake tore his ACL few weeks ago, his doctors had told him that if he tore it again, he may lose the ability to walk. Still, the singer decided to perform three songs because he did not want to disappoint his fans.

Drake told MTV News a night before his performance that he has been receiving acupuncture in order to reduce the swelling around his knee and will wear a brace for the performance. But, seemingly, the precautions were inadequate.

Drake told MTV News: “I didn’t really get any approval from my doctor, but I made a personal decision 48 hours ago that I’d be letting a lot of people down if I didn’t show up and at least show them I’m there for them.”

He continued: “For the last two weeks, I’ve been really going hard, getting all types of acupuncture, trying to bring the swelling down. I’m walking around — no cane. I’ll put a brace on it tomorrow night. No one will probably even know I’m injured…I’m not doing my own set. That’s one thing I have to apologize to my fans about. It’s too much of a risk, if I hit that wrong turn [doing] 30 minutes every night. If I tear my ACL again, the doctors say I might not be able to walk again. I have to be cautious.”

In June, Drake gave his fans a word of advice via his Twitter page, saying: “Don’t tear your ACL… it’s quite painful… who wants to bring me ice packs?”

About Drake
Born Aubrey Drake Graham on Oct 24, 1986, Drake is a Toronto-based actor, rapper and singer, who is best known for playing Jimmy Brooks, the physically disabled character on “Degrassi: The Next Generation”- a Canadian teen drama television series.

Besides working with a number of artists like Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Robin Thicke and Little Brother, Drake has written for Jazz Cartier, Bishop Brigante, Keshia Chante and Dr. Dre. He did a song with Lil’ Wayne called “Ransom”, and his debut single “Best I Ever Had” was at number 25 (as of May) on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart.

Reports were rampant in recent months that Drake and Rihanna, the ex- girlfriend of Chris Brown, are dating. However, Drake shot down the rumors that he and Rihanna are an item. During an interview in May on New York’s Hot 97, the good looking rapper acknowledged he indeed was hanging out with the 21-year-old Barbadian beauty in New York, but emphasized that they are not dating.

“Nah nah nah, it’s not like that at all,” Drake confirmed to Hot 97 show hosts Cipha Sounds and Paul Rosenberg.

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