Contest: Free Pair Of Tickets To Drake Club Paradise Spring Tour

Do you want to go to Drake’s Club Paradise Tour Spring 2012 USA? Here’s your chance to win 2 FREE tickets to the concert nearest you, with special guests J. Cole, Waka Flocka, 2 Chainz, and French Montana. That’s right, we have tickets to every show on the Club Paradise Tour Spring schedule! There’s ONLY 3 simple steps to enter to win a ticket for you and a friend to the most anticipated concert of the year! Ready to watch #DrakeLive? We will announce a winner(s) 10 days prior to each tour show. This way we can mail you tour tickets on time for the concert. Follow the instructions below and good luck!

1.The first step is super easy. All you have to do is “Like” our Facebook page below. We will randomly assign you a number when you submit your entry. When it’s time to draw a winner(s), we will check to make sure you have followed all 3 steps. If you miss a step, we will randomly re-selected another entry, so make sure you follow the rules. (If you already “Liked” our page you can skip this step, as long as you still “Like” our page)

2. The second step is easy too, share this contest with your friends! You never know who might take you as their guest. You can choose to share this contest on Facebook or Twitter, either one, you decide.


3. Your almost done! The last step is to let us know who you are and what show you want to go to. Fill in all the information correctly, because this will be the way we get in contact with you in case you win.

  • i would give anything to go to a concert …no homo but i think i have a guy crush…i need these tickets…love you drizzy

  • Lindamami428

    Drake is amazing. He has real talent. His lyrics are so deep & connect with what everyone is feeling. I would to win & see him perform

  • I’d do absolutely ANYTHING to see Drake in concert. I know a lot of people say they are his biggest fan, but that’s the only way to explain how much I love Drake. I know allllll of his songs by heart, all I need is a song title or a beat.

  • Maria Brandon

    Chicago <3's you Aubrey Drake Graham

  • A Rojas2311

    I dont love drake because i dont know him, but i love his music. He’s my favorite rapper/singer. Hopefuly i get a ticket to go see him because it would be amazing to see him perform. If im lucky maybe i’ll meet him. So im praying for them tickets!

  • Neerajsingh082

     I know you here this alot, but im your biggest fan.I dont have the posters on the wall to remind me that your the manAll i need is your words, your beats, thats my motivation.To bring real and true music back to life, reincarnation.Drake is my favorite artist, Aubrey is my inspiration.To reach my potential and expand my horizons.I dont obsess over you, i dont envy you.I applaud you, I thank you, for keeping music true.You did it, you made it, Best out of a few.You already knew…that you would make it.Keep up the great work Aubrey and keep up the great performances Drake, while others listen and sit.

    -Maya R. (Want to win those tickets,

  • kpogyo_77

    if i ever get to meet him.. i honestly feel like im going to cry of happiness. it will be the best day ever.. !!

  • Chelsibridge

    I am almost 50 but I do admire  (his talents) and love Drakes music thanks to my kids lol

  • Anaisaninja

    – Drake is The Best <3

  • Baby_Ladie_606

    Aubreyyy takee me on stagee in albuquerquee!! MISS KAYLEEN MADRID

  • Karynnlkay

    :) *HYFR*

  • Sn_gmz

    Your words make me
    They take me high 
    Up in the sky 
    Wishing I was the one That brings you into your zone.
    Your lyric’s go threw my blood and bones
    Girl next door/flashy like a whore.  But Never more
    On the same boat.. on this iphone tryna hope for a better out come. 
    Hungry girl not sure what life’s for. 
    I know Lord knows! 
    Drake make me your big break. 
    You got hundreds of girls on your stick
    I just wanna sit in it. 
    Excuse my fix 
    My words are true to you
    I express better when i write 
    Might be beyond bright. 
    Lost in the flight cant reach that light
    Im stuck down under where theres no right
    My world is tight just like The Money “in  no sight” 
    This shit is life 
    Im from the chi. 
    My pride is why!
    Damn how I would love to shine! 
    Typical fan trying to reach out to my 
    Generation King. 
    Got this crush for life 
    As you free my mind when I hear you on the ride! 
    I love your mind. Its kinda like mine 
    Unnoticeable so i cry. But forever I will try  
    Just tryna catch your eye.  
    That’ll never die 
    Hoping to win some tickets off face book. To get a closer look 
    Im never a winner 
    Just want to have some dinner 
    Want this to get to your ear like Aaliyah and get the baller of the year! Take care Drake you are my idol and your # whatever fan 
    Im the real me. Tatalalee 

    My name is Tasha Guerra and i’m emailing this praying to My Lord  that drake reads this 

    Just a fan trying to show love and appreciation to the Greatest Man Alive in my eyes. So here it goes 
    Enclosed with a cyber kiss,
    Love This Miss!

    Thank you for your time. 

  • Neerajsingh

     I know you here this alot, but im your biggest fan.
    I dont have the posters on the wall to remind me that your the man
    All i need is your words, your beats, thats my motivation.
    To bring real and true music back to life, reincarnation.
    Drake is my favorite artist, Aubrey is my inspiration.
    To reach my potential and expand my horizons.
    I dont obsess over you, i dont envy you.
    I applaud you, I thank you, for keeping music true.
    You did it, you made it, Best out of a few.
    You already knew…that you would make it.

  • Sapphire

    I really want to meet him in PERSON n be in sum of his videos!!!! dats my goal! :-)