Drake Celebrated His Birthday At ARKADIA

Drake Celebrated His Birthday At ARKADIA


Drake celebrated his birthday last night at the newly opened ARKADIA nightclub at Fontainebleau. ARKADIA is LIV’s sister nightclub, so you know it was bangin’. Drizzy had a private get together that night, and also was awarded Grey Goose Vodka Rising Icon award. Check out some pictures below.

  • Cindis Bonilla

    Happy Birthday Drake!!!!!!!
    I hope you had a great time yesterday!!!!!!!
    I Love You Drake!!!!!!!!!

  • Ariana Simpson

    Hey!! I wudve got this to you by yesterday but i couldnt get any service!! :( one day late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRIZZY!!!! L?VE YOU SOO MUCH!!!! hope yu have a good time yesterday!!

  • Happy 24th B Day DRAKE hope u had a good time! Hope that porn thing came true 4 u LmAo…

  • All Yhea that girl in the back looks sexy… LOL LOL

  • TiTi

    on his birthday i literaly talked to him!! he was singn and he didnt notice his phone was on (cuz i called him) and it picked up so he kept singing for some reason and finally realized we heard him all tht time!!!! he told us he waz at the studio!! then he sang a newsong to us and askd us if we liked it i was like “YES!!!! WE LOVE EVERYTHING YOU!!” and then screamed “Happy birthday!!” and then we strted singing miss me! we felt the luckiest people on earth (we= me and my friend isabella) !! he told us he wuld call us back in a few days ! but he’s always busy i dont think he’ll have time but thtss ok at least we got to talk to him!!

  • Carol

    omg! i’m brazilian and next year, I’m going to Miami! I hope to go one of these parties … ym! I will stay in the house of a friend! I hope to talk to him(drake)! rsrs (almost impossible) rsrs! drake is very sexy! Happy Birthday drizzy!