Drake and Rihanna “Work” Together Onstage in Miami, and the Sexual Tension is Ridiculous

When Rihanna dragged Drake, who is rumored to be an ex of RiRi’s, onstage during a performance in Miami the pair performed to their hit “Work” and the sexual tension between them could almost be seen. The performance was full of crotch grinding and ass rubbing, and the two did not seem like they were faking it for the audience.

Since Drizzy and RiRi hooked up in the past according to the rumor mill many wonder whether they ever get together and hook up once the show stops and they leave the stage. From the way they look at each other, and the sexual tension between them which is visible in the “Work” video and their performance, it is doubtful that they can keep their hands off each other even when no one else is around.