Drake Got A New Boo

Drake Got A New Boo


Drake was spotted in San Francisco last week with Maliah Michel. The gossip going around is that Drake has dropped all his female “friends” cause she has his heart. I guess making the video of “Find Your Love” says something subliminally. If you didn’t catch some post a while back, he also took her to his “Listening Party In Toronto” and also was spotted at Gold Room with this video vixon. Cute couple?

Check out this interview…

  • april d

    aww im sad for me. but happy for drizzy! he needs some good lovin’. heheeheh

  • abcgp,

    Awww , im super duper happy for my hubby (:
    Ofcoures he needs love into his life , since im not there nemore .
    ahahahahah na jkjk but awww good luck drizzzy !

  • ms.poca

    Aww well I know his fans just want Mr.drizzy to be happy, but she better realize how lucky she is cause there’s gotta be a ton of women who’d want to be her and be loved by Drake

  • MIYA


  • abcop

    yeaaa very true she better realize how fucken lucky she is , because ever fan of drizzy is gonna like wanna be herrrr ! So she better not fucken around and let him find her love , Im not a fan , im his fucken wife he just doesnt know it yet :] l0l but styllll she better fucken take good care of that nice fine piece off ass ; (:
    Who snnaped ?
    I snapppedd ;]