Drake and Lil Wayne Sued for $400k!

Drake and Lil Wayne Sued for $400k!


Drake and Lil Wayne are being sued for over $400,000 by a company that’s claiming that they bailed on a club appearance. Both Drizzy and Weezy are saying that they were never told about any gig with Imperial Entertainment Group.

The judge ordered them to pay $432,337.50 and they really ain’t having it. Drake and Wayne want the court to cancel the judgement and the $400k. That’s a bit crazy! Let’s hope no contract was signed in this whole mess. If you were in Drake and Lil Wayne’s situation would you pay?

  • There is always 2 sides to every situation.. I think had they known bout this club appearance they would of been there .. Was there a contract? If so they had to have signed it n there fore they pay whats owe.. So no contract what does this mean that any club can lie bout musican be held accountable for sumthing they knew nothing bout n get sued! That is freakn ridunklious… Sum people are so desperate to make money they lie steal n cheat one out of thousands because they get away wit it! What seriously leave drake n lil wayne alone this club is angry upset maybe because they made flyers had everyone believeing they would show up… But lie bout it then Shit got messy now they need sum1 to pay…

  • Just voiceing my thoughts… Again I have very lil info to go on… What really happened!? I heard of clubs making flyers of rappers/singers having an after party at there club… But it just to attract people to go to this bar spend their money n get drunk… Forget bout the performers uh? Bullshit they should be able to do this FALSE ADVERTISMENT!!!!

  • Nope I wouldn’t pay it if I were Drake and Weezy because they are always proud to perform for their fans and when something has come up they have explained why. If they say they weren’t informed of the gig I truly believe they are telling the truth and are being asked for this amount because of who they are. Shyt’s ridiculous smh

  • Portia Simchick

    this is crazy!!! you can’t do this to drake yo! (well, i guess you CAN) but that doesn’t mean you should!!!!

  • Portia Simchick

    if they say they didn’t know about it, they OBV didn’t know….bitch please, you WON’T get away with this!

  • Drake ain’t paying them fools! All those entertainment groups always tryna make a quick buck.

  • Lil’Young’Boss


  • Jocelyn Sanchez

    wtf -.– its okay baee <3