Drake and Chris Brown at Greenhouse Partying

Drake and Chris Brown at Greenhouse Partying


Check out this photo with Drake and Chris Brown throwing up signs at Greenhouse in New York City this passed tuesday. Chris Breezy and Drake once use to beef over their back-to-back dating of Rihanna last year, but clearly that’s all mashed up and in the past. Plus Rihanna’s is dating her Baseball boo.

  • Jamaica Sunshine

    There’s a time for everything as the bible says. Time to hate & a time to love. Positivity is what Drake needs to continue being the best. Why hate on the past when it’s gone? Rhi is rebelling right now, just leave her be…..Please drizzy

  • mariah

    they are HOTT!!!

  • D.linkquents2010-YC

    Chris brown ain’t got shit on Drizzy haha punk bitch

  • this is a surprise for me. I just saw Takers yesterday and it was off the chain. It would be really cool if they did a video together.

  • aubrey

    andy and sterling love these guys <3

  • dois zika apesar d im soh dar guela

    mais pelo menos faz uma pelo hip hop

  • Damn baby u just gone leave and have fun wit Drake.MZ.BROWN ON U HOES!!!!!!