Drake Accused of Not Giving Credit to Dancehall and Reggae Artists by...

Drake Accused of Not Giving Credit to Dancehall and Reggae Artists by Mr. Vegas


When a version of Controlla, off the recently released Views album from Drake, hit the internet earlier this year the version that everyone heard featured Popcaan. When Views was finally released and fans heard the official version of Controla Popcaan and his verse were missing, and that upset a number of fans including Mr. Vegas, an aspiring Dancehall artist who had plenty of criticism for Drizzy in a rant that lasted a full 8 minutes. According to Mr Vegas he believes that Drake is not giving the Dancehall and Reggae artists proper credit while the Toronto rapper is profiting from them. There were also accusations of using musicians as so called intro men during the rant, and Mr Vegas described these individuals as “a person that used to stand up at the studio and hype up the record before the real artist got on the record.”

Part of the beef that Mr Vegas has with Views, and with Drizzy, is that there were no credits on Views for any Jamaican artists. Another sore spot is Popcaan, and Mr Vegas expected to hear this particular artist on the track Too Good which includes Rihanna. The track includes a Popcaan sample at the end but that was it. Mr. Vegas explained “At the end of the record, again, is another sample and the sample is from Popcaan. An old Popcaan record Drake took another sample.”

According to Mr Vegas listeners are really interested in the Dancehall genre, and Drake sees this and is taking advantage of it. “Does Drake really love dancehall or Drake is just fake and because he sees dancehall right now is the hottest genre, he use 40 or 50 percent dancehall on this album, because he realize that this is the hot thing right now?”