Drake 2010 Hottest MC In The Game?

Drake 2010 Hottest MC In The Game?


The top five will be revealed on October 24 on MTV2

It’s about to go down, basement! The MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust is back at the roundtable to discuss the most authentic, most controversial and most debated list in the music industry today: the Hottest MCs in the Game right now. Will Jay-Z retain his crown? Could a young upstart like Drake snatch it from him?

We’ll find out soon, as the 2010 Hottest MCs edition begins to roll out on Monday, October 18, on MTVNews.com and MTV’s RapFix blog leading up to the big reveal on Sunday, October 24, on MTV2.

The criteria for all the MCs who actively released music in the past year is the same as in 2009: artistic execution (lyrical ability, flow), commercial success (charting hits, radio spins, album sales), cultural impact (business acumen, putting on other big artists), digital metrics, buzz and other intangibles.

The 10th hottest MC will be revealed on MTVNews.com on October 18, and numbers nine through six will be announced at the rate of one per day through Friday. But you’ll have to wait until October 24 to find out the top five.

  • Lilly Salais

    Drake being in the top 5 of 2010’s hottest MC’s would make the perfect birthday gift!!!! Hopefully my boo gets it!! Lol

  • Of course he is going to be on the top 5…He is one of the best…I can picture him, Jayz, eminem, Kanye, and somebody new like Kid Cudi,BoB, or Wiz Khalifa…:)

    • and I cant believe I forgot Wayne….of course, so it would be Drake, Jay-z, eminem, Kanye and wayne…:) Oh yeah much better….

  • itsrany[:

    ew eminen but the rest im ccoool with and his fav birthday gift

  • John jwaller Smith

    drake is the best number one at this time, maybe lil wayne, eminem, j.cole, or fabulous can make the other four spots, if not then probably guys like jay-z, kanye west, wiz khalifa would make it