Drake & 2 Chainz Nominated At The Soul Train Awards

Drake & 2 Chainz Nominated At The Soul Train Awards


Drake is dominating the nomination game right now! Drake and 2 Chainz have been nominated for Best Hip-Hop Song for their collaboration on “No Lie” for the 2012 Soul Train Awards. The Soul Train Awards will air Nov. 25th at 9PM on BET and Centric.

Bnous: Drake was also nominated for Best International Act for the 2012 MOBO Awards.

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  • Early wake ups cold chilled nights red lights to shine
    happiness that the time is near and round about circles
    everyone knows its no secret
    vietnam lines bowels
    shifting through darken days to come
    optional flightier above
    misguided truth and know to be one
    eights is the concept of the theory
    on crossed dotted lines high end building
    security calls fantasy is reality on the plain
    freedom for the accused to be proven only innocent
    the homeless feeding the homeless that’s how it goes
    men are women and women men
    reversed experiment only for the exchange of love
    here comes October is on its way so they say
    you’ll where you need to stand predicted by entree
    of society determined to keep us together
    since the moment this two conceived
    all i’ll is call out thy’s name out loud
    till the echo rings the west coast
    and catches wing to to ear drums as it beats
    he whisper that one shall get on and fly to the east to find meaning for
    being here
    The lord never lies the promise that you’ll see the black running stallion
    with no hair on for your command to grow