Did Meek Mill Take Another Shot at Drizzy in a Recent Unreleased...

Did Meek Mill Take Another Shot at Drizzy in a Recent Unreleased Track?


The feud between Meek Mill and Drake is like the energizer bunny, it just keeps going and going with no sign of an end in sight. Some are saying that the feud will be Vietnam for Mill after the rapper took what is believed to be another jab at Drake in a recent song. A YouTube user captured an unreleased track that Meek Mill performed during a recent show when he was promoting his soon to be released album Dreamchasers, and the lyrics include some threatening verses that could wind up causing Mill even more grief since he is facing a court date for probation violation.

The lyrics include the verses “When I was saying sh*t about the rhymes you ain’t wrote / I can’t wait ’til we run in ya / I’m a put a gun in ya.” This definitely sounds like a threat of violence to many people, and sources from Mill’s inner circle were quick to tell TMZ that the song was not intended to reference Drizzy. Since Meek has to be back in court early in the new year to face a judge over the probation violation charges he can not afford to have any of his lyrics misconstrued as a threat or advocating violence. If Mill is found guilty he could be facing jail time so the rapper would be wise to keep quiet at this point in time. Meek has enough on his plate already.