Cover of Views From the 6 Photoshopped According to CN Tower in Toronto

The cover art for Views From the 6, the latest album from Drake which is set to be released soon, is the result of photoshop. This was revealed by the CN Tower in Toronto after the art work was revealed by Drizzy in a tweet and fans started to speculate. According to experts Drake would have to be 12 feet tall while sitting down for the photo to be authentic because the proportions in the photo are completely off.

The CN Tower is 550 miles tall and the cover art shows the Toronto rapper sitting on the edge near the top of the tower. Many online wondered whether Drake actually went up there or if Photoshop magic was used, and CN Tower finally put all of the speculation to rest after many pointed out the mathematical errors that the picture involved and how the sizes were completely off. With Views From the 6 coming out and a tour with Future scheduled to start later this year Drake may have very little time to relax.