Complex: The 25 Best Drake Hooks

Complex: The 25 Best Drake Hooks


From Canadian TV actor to one of rap’s most sought-after stars, Drake has made the leap from D:TNG to YMCMB. As he prepares to drop his highly anticipated sophomore disc, Take Care, we’re still trying to wrap our heads around how Drizzy actually did it.

He’s racked up three critically acclaimed mixtapes, one platinum-selling album, and countless features on other artists’ hits—with no sign of slowing down. So what’s the secret to Drake’s chart-topping success? No, it’s not his sensitive relationship talk or his vast sweater collection. As he reveals on his song “Money To Blow,” dude really is really on that Disney shit—when it comes to songwriting, call him “captain hook.”

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  • Prlatinoboy11

    alll i know is the resistance hook better be numba oneeeeeeeeeeee

    • Nestlelopez

      The Resistance is number 20 .

  • Tony

    The Resistance should be # 1, while Dreams Money Can Buy should be # 2.Those seem like the more “deep down” raps off of Drake’s albums, Thank Me Later, & the up-coming Take Care.Awesome hooks by the way.

    • K’La Monae

      FEAR is the deepest song he has to me the whole so far gone mixtape is deep

  • K’La Monae

    They put the most dumbest song as number one FEAR should’ve been number 1 !!!!!

  • Way

    ThE BesT RAper

  • This has GOTTA be atleast top 10..