Complex: 25 Best Drake Verses of 2010

Complex: 25 Best Drake Verses of 2010

SHARE 2010 was an amazing year for Drake. He dropped his platinum debut album, Thank Me Later, scored a gang of Top 40 hits, and solidified his spot as the best and brightest young talent in hip-hop. But if there’s one persistent claim that’s dogged him this year, it’s the one hip-hop purists (read: haters) always seem to make: Drake can’t rap. But it’s a claim that we’ve always found to be completely bizarre, because despite his heartthrob status and inclination to sing, that boy can spit! It’s always better to show than to tell, so to prove our point we went through all of his verses and picked The 25 Best Drake Verses of 2010.

#1. Drake “The Resistance” (3rd verse)
#2. Drake “9 AM In Dallas”
#3 Drake f/ Lil Wayne “Miss Me”
#4. Drake f/ Jay-Z “Light Up”
#5. Rick Ross f/ Drake “Aston Martin Music” (Extended)
#6. Drake f/ Alicia Keys “Fireworks” (2nd verse)
#7. Lil Wayne f/ Drake “Right Above It”
#8. Drake “Over” (2nd verse)
#9. Drake “Show Me A Good Time” (2nd verse)
#10. Drake “Thank Me Now” (1st verse)
#11. Drake “You Know, You Know” (2nd verse)
#12. Drake f/ Nicki Minaj “Up All Night”
#13. Drake “Karaoke”
#14. Drake f/ Jeezy “Unforgettable”
#15. Nicki Minaj f/ Drake “Moment 4 Life”
#16. Chris Brown f/ Drake, Kanye West, T.I., Fabolous, Rick Ross, & Andre 3000 “Deuces (Remix)”
#17. T.I. f/ Drake “Poppin’ Bottles”
#18. Bun B f/ Drake “Put It Down”
#19. J. Cole f/ Drake “In The Morning”
#20. Lil Wayne f/ Drake “Gonorrhea”
#21. Rihanna f/ Drake “What’s My Name?”
#22. Rich Boy f/ Drake & Lloyd “To The Floor”
#23. Big Sean f/ Drake “Made”
#24. Alicia Keys f/ Drake “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready) (Remix)”
#25. Drake f/ T.I. & Swizz Beatz “Fancy” (3rd verse)

  • SimplyDrake

    those are alll pretty reasonable, to me all of drakes verses are his best, cant wait to see what hes gonna do this year

  • Tim TheWinner Adeoye

    his mixtape was suppose to come out on december 30th what happened !!!

  • He got off on all of them but, I would say his best verses over all is 1.Say Whats Real 2. 9am In Dallas 3. Thank Me Now

  • Chris Foster

    U know u doin somin when u can look at that list and see a ton of top artists on there.
    $DJ Frosty$

  • BlueFries

    i got u.

  • Bree

    He’s got a lot of best verses awesome rapper that’s why he’s my fave