Chef KayKay Speaks About Drake In Interview

Chef KayKay Speaks About Drake In Interview



Chef KayKay, Drake’s personal chef, was recently interviewed by ArtInFact magazine in which she talked about how Drake ended up being a client of hers. Check out the snippets below.

Interviewer: I was on Drake’s Instagram for another story about “YOLO”—which is a whole different thing—and I saw your picture. How did you end up in his kitchen?

Chef KayKay: I ended up in Drake’s kitchen because the day before the Super Bowl, a friend of mine, Chase-N-Cashe, he’s a producer, he DM’ed me, like, “Yo, I need this, I need your number, I’m trying to book you for something. Hit me back.” We talked… [and] he’s like, “Yeah, it’s this party. It’s this amount of people.” And I’m like, “Yeah, I can do it.” We talked a little bit more. He’s like, “Okay, it’s for Drake.” And I’m like, “Oh okay, cool.” From there we did it like that, we made the transaction happen.

The next day, I went to the house—and this was one day, one day I did a party for 100 people, alone. So I was just busy, busy, busy. I got there and I went to his house and I met him, and that was that. I met him, and he liked me and I liked him. It was very mutual as far as the feeling. You can meet somebody, you can meet celebrities or you can meet certain people, and it’s not genuine or you can just meet them and you can just say “Hi” and say “Bye.” Or, “Thanks for coming out. Thanks for doing this for me.”

But it wasn’t like that. It was more so like, “Oh, your food is real good… Oh okay, I’ve been looking for a chef… Oh okay, well, let’s exchange numbers.” It went like that, it wasn’t just like, “Oh, thanks for coming out.” It was more cordial meeting. So from there we just kept in contact, and… when he would come out here, he’d hit me, and I’ve been going back and forth to his house since the Super Bowl. That’s how that happened.

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