Capital FM: Drake Talks The Tube In London

Capital FM: Drake Talks The Tube In London


Drake told Capital FM that he wants to experience The Tube in London, after hearing that his friend Rihanna took The Tube. The Tube, for those that do not know, is London’s underground transport system. Read what Drake had to say after the jump.

Drake thoughts on the Tube: “I guess I have to now I guess that’s like that thing. You know I feel like that’s the word on road out here is that Rihanna was on the tube so I feel like I got to experience it as well – it’s crazy. I wonder what was people’s reaction when she got on there as well, that’s amazing.”

Drake about Rihanna and Performing: “She actually probably would have got on stage and we’ve yet to perform that record together so it would have been special but she actually got there for the last four songs so she got an idea of how exciting the show was and I think she had a fun time for the brief time she was there. We’ll get to perform it at some point I’m sure.”