Are Drake’s Dad and Justin Bieber Collaborating Together? Dennis G Says People are in For a Surprise!

The pairing of Dennis G, Drake’s dad, and Justin Bieber is not one that many people would expect but according to an Instagram post by the father of one of the most popular rappers around the globe. Dennis Graham posted on Instagram “We have a surprise coming soon stay tuned”, and the post was followed by several emojis that featured praying hands and other symbols. When you consider that the only thing in common the younger pop star and the older long time musician have in common is music then it seems obvious that the pair are working on something musical. In fact Dennis G’s musical background is even mentioned by Drake on his “You & The 6”. On this well received track Drake raps

“Having conversations with momma, we start talkin’ bout dad, You know he dropping a single/ he saying this is his window/ That n—a still wearing linen, that n—a still in the club/ Call him after we get off the phone and show him some love.” Fans of Drake and Justin Bieber both can not wait to see what the Biebs and Dennis G are up to.

We have a surprise coming soon stay tuned ????????????????????????

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