7 Things Fans Can Expect From Drake’s New Album Views From The...

7 Things Fans Can Expect From Drake’s New Album Views From The 6


Fans are eagerly awaiting Views From the 6, Drake’s newest album, and there are some things that fans can expect even though there is not a lot f facts and information available on this album right now. These include:

1. Great Music- Drizzy is known for fantastic music that resonates with large numbers of fans, and the tracks on Views From the 6 are expected to provide more of the great music and lyrics that Drake has become known for in the music industry.

2. A Release Date that is a Well Kept Secret- So far there has been no official release date given by Drake for Views From the 6, and that means a secret release date that will surprise everyone. Only the Canadian rapper and those who are in his closest circle of friends and advisers know exactly when the album will be released and none of these people are talking. When the latest albm from Drizzy is released it is going to create a firestorm that may rival Kim Kardashian’s attempt to break the internet.

3. National Canadian Pride- It is no secret that Drake loves Toronto, and with the name Views From the ^ there is little doubt that the rapper will show his Canadian pride whenever possible. Many believe that the tracks and the theme of the album will center on the city and country that the rapper calls home, and many fans suspect that the lyrics will generally cover Drizzy’s adventures and experiences in his beloved Canadian city of Toronto.

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