4 Things We Know About ‘More Life’, Drakes Latest Project

4 Things We Know About ‘More Life’, Drakes Latest Project


More Life, the latest project that Drake is working on and the Views album follow up, has been generating a LOT of hype. Anyone who is an Aubrey Graham fan is waiting impatiently to hear Drizzy’s newest project. What is known so far about this Drake’s most mysterious project though?

1) Since the ‘More Life’ project announcement coincided with the release of the singles ‘Two Birds One Stone’, ‘Sneakin’ with 21 Savage, and ‘Fake Love’, and the artwork from the project is featured on the albums, it is a sure bet that these songs will be in ‘More Life’ .

2) ‘More Life’ could be released very soon, even this month or early March. When Drizzy performed in Amsterdam the Toronto rapper stated to fans “I know we got three more shows in Amsterdam right? But the best part about that is if you coming back to any more shows, More Life is going to be out, we can just do some whole new shit.” Since the next Amsterdam performance is scheduled for February 26 the project release date may be before this.

3) According to the 6 God himself ‘More Life’ will be a playlist rather than an album or mixtape. Since the Apple deal many expect the newest project to also be an exclusive for Apple Music.

4) A new track which features British MC Giggs will probably show up in the project since it was debuted during Drake’s Amsterdam show when the rapper made the announcement about ‘My Life’.


It is difficult to make any predictions about ‘My Life’. Will it have mass appeal similar to Views or will it be similar to ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’? The truth is somewhere in the middle, with tracks in the same pop and rap style as ‘Pop Style’ and ‘One Dance as well as those with a variety of other styles.