2011 People’s Choice Awards: Vote For Drake

2011 People’s Choice Awards: Vote For Drake


The 2011 People’s Choice Awards are coming up and your favorite Hip-Hop artist has been nominated to take the award. Drake shares the Favorite Hip-Hop Artist category with Ludacris, Eminem, Jay-Z, and Snoop Dogg. The awards show will air live on January 5th 2011 on CBS. Show your support for Drake by voting for him, it’s actually really simple. The only downside is Drake will be overseas touring the rest of his tour, so he will not be attending.

1. Visit People’s Choice Awards.
2. Go under the Music category.
3. Choose Favorite Hip-Hop Artist.
4. Select Drake.
5. Tell your friends to do the same.

  • city is mine

    i voted for him about 900 times. im sure he’ll win<3

  • memememe

    i voted

  • That just gose to show u how good DRAKE is to be up competing with legends and havet been in the game for 2 years love that guy man hope he win

  • LilDrizzy =D

    I soooo hope Drake wins he’s got wat it takes I’m just sad he won’t be there

  • I wish I could kill myself

    I want to die and I do not know how to do it.. I should have never came back to my mothers house like she told me to.. but who am I suppose to listen to when no one talks to me. I want to be dead, not in jail. I will never truely love a caucasion person. when will they ever suffer for what they did to my races? its the only reason why I am not truely allowed to live. They are playing games with my life. I will never forgive a soul on this earth. I dont love God for these reasons.

  • lety24

    WTF omg i cnt believe it drake beat eminem im fuccin happy for him yah this year is toatlly drake’s year

  • Me+Youu10(;

    Hahaha Dam Thats good haha iima tell mah fwend in her face DRAKE<3 won EMINEM.!

  • Cwilliams

    he so damn SEXY ,he get mee wet by juss thinkin bout him <3