Waka Flocka – Round Of Applause (ft. Drake)

Waka Flocka – Round Of Applause (ft. Drake)


Drake has dropped 3 exclusive new tracks today! This new track is from Waka Flocka featuring Drake – Round of Applause. “First Lex Luger beat I ever got to rap on…feel like I got seat B60 on Southwest…but we made it happen.” Take Care.

[audio:http://www.drizzydrake.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/01-Round-of-Applause.mp3|titles=01 Round of Applause]
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  • Rahul_blingz

    daummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YEAH!

  • Ammad

    First one to comment. Swag

  • drake killed it

  • br3nt

    damn interesting flow 

  • Drizzy Hendrix

    Drake flow is sick

  • Boots_Bae

    .. my frend told me flocka retired… but i like drakes verse

    • Kai’Trick !

      He retiring but not yet ! He said this his last year then he threw cuz of all the fake ppl in the industry !

      • Boots_Bae

        … I hate when ppl stop doing somthing becuz they dont like ither ppl who are involed… I just feel like yu shudnt let stuff get in tge way of what u wanna do. But what ever

      • Kai’Trick !

        Truu , agreed

    • He will still music after he retire, just not main stream :) so he wil still be dropping mixtapes afterwards.

  • hahaha, drake kills everything. :)

  • Yvell

    okay… she lookin at me i can tell she want it
    music loud, slow strut put that ass on me like i fuckin own it…

    This beat i s right an drake is a mastermind it doesnt seem like there is a beat he cant rap too…..

  • krizzy k

    so fuckinnng real drake make fuckin headlines no need for a round of applause we need a standing ovation

  • Lashay Hodnett


  • Semajhill90

    Drake does his thing again like always his verse was ill!!!



  • Babey_lillian27


  • Nesha226

    Brick Squadd ! : )

  • Jamicam809

    like  if u can twerk……………..jamica

  • Harrisdaishianna

    diszx mahh sngszx

  • DejaDawkins97

    dis mi songggg ayeeeee bow bow

  • Aliviabarker

    Dhis Ma Shytt! <3
    *Alivia Skye Barker*

  • Pbquaymitchell

    i like drakes verse to

  • #teamdrakedrizzy!

    omgee im addicted to this song lol drake killed it like always! i love yhuee drake!

  • purpelecity

    <3 xoxoxo my fave song xooxoxoxoxoxoxox