• Bt_bahtiar94

    that’s that north north… that up top.. that OVO and that XO..

  • Be Tea

    not bad

  • it’s ight ..not bad

  • Love It. <3 The way it Started.
    Omg loll I Love the Way  He Repeated Thats That North North That Up Top That OVO & THAT XO
    Yo Girfriend @ Our Nex SHow. <3

  • Bigryguy04

    wayyyyyy more upbeat than the old song! Love it.

  • Boots_Bae

    i love it lol dubstep is amazing… its incridible. like every thing eles drake does(:
     take care

  • Elneno_96

    i love drake wooooooo


    IM gonna be honest, I messed up another pair of head phones ridding the HD yesterday…. YO tell luda I need my pair of SOUL BEATZ L;O*L!!!!!  How I do it I’ll never know, tell trish same ear as safe way….L;O*L