The Weeknd ft. Drake – The Zone

The Weeknd ft. Drake – The Zone


The Weeknd ft. DrakeThe Zone. They released this yesterday on OVO. Take a listen and let us know what you think.
[ DOWNLOAD ] – The Weeknd ft. Drake – The Zone

  • Lol

    its odd right? no rapping

  • Lol

    but i’d still hit that

  • Jesse Gober

    Nice shit

  • Jcaldwellwin1

    Not really feeling this one… Maybe I gotta listen to it a few more times..

  • Drake surprises me everyday..I’m SOLD. Please and Thank You!

  • AubreyGraham

    I love you baby kisses and hugs

  • Yeasin08006


    • Lol

      ahh thanks for letting me no about the rapping….its defo more of my songgg now!

  • Semajhill90

    very nice drake never fails to deliver OVO!!!

  • Simplyrafa8

    am I the only one that doesn’t like the weeknds voice? Wack

    • drizzyback

      yeah i know right

    • Fknn_vetszy

      Wtf, You Dont Know Wats qood -__-

  • good shit… this is mostly a weeknd song and i would’ve liked more Drake on it but his part is awesome with a great flow so i don’t hate. This is more R&B than any other thing and The Weeknd doesn’t really do it like the rest and all who follow this site know Drake is a big fan of him so it’s no surprise how this song came out. I think the collabo they’ll have on Take Care will please more Dreezy fans

  • TRiTRi

    This song is so weird……………………………

  • Drake supporter

    Omg… Drakes part was so unexpectedly awesome ,, jus sayin,, and “the weeknd” is a very good singer just not an original , that’s what makes him unique, ;)

  • Skn

    i dont really get it…

  • Lol

    ahh thanks for letting me no about the rapping….its defo more of my songgg now! 

  • alex

    realest shit ever, drake is the realest 

  • Alessandra Thompson

    Aha..shit happened when drake came in ;)

  • Majesty

    Started with that SADE feel, mixed with that Phil Collins Void.  Public not ready for this again yet, they need to grow a bit.  The older market will dig it.  But the older market don’t go to many concerts, they home with the kids.  Worrying about bills.  It’s a dope track, but not marketable.  For the record I know nothing about music, I don’t sing, don’t rap, but I know business.  

  • I’m gonna fuck to this song.

    • Carlhillsman

      mane what u saidd

  • Miguel Ramos

    crazy nice… =) Hellll yaaaaaaaa  Drake made this I know it!

  • Markleibo123

    Whoa, all these broken hearts on that poleMan, if pole dancings an art, you know how many fucking artist I know?
    Got some new bills in the mail, Got some big favors I owe
    Got some good things? ahead of me, When these bad bitches let go

  • A Rodriguez8762

    This is real but I wish drake would of been in the middle of the track instead

  • Sym~Drizzy

    Its ite, but not hearing so much Drake which makes it bad for mee.

  • krizzy k

    on hearing this song all i could think about is having sex

  • Drizzy Hendrix

    Love it

  • Tallen

    the weeknds part sounds kinda gay

  • Tallen

    its like slow sex to the rythm

  • The City

    Who produced this?

  • bigman

    drake to ill

  • Lamarwolford

    this song is offf the chain drake destroyed it like every thing he does and this artist called the week end is a beast. i see him coming up soon, shoot he with drake he already there…….. keep doing yall thang

  • KerriGoesRawr

    This song is Ahmazing. Im Obsessed With It. ?

  • Shaw Monica22

    i agree this is a freaky song

  • guest

    relaxing song

  • Taetae1093

    love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • this is my ish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • millimill

    LOVE IT! on replay alllll day

  • mannnnnnnnnnni ?

    the weeknd & drake together on a track > WORD!

  • drizzyback

    hey check out this song t.i killes it t.i feat b.o.b-we dont get down like yall

  • David_cruz1388

    thats ovoxo bro

  • David_cruz1388

    im own zone just uptown north side ovoxo girl friend my next show

  • David_cruz1388

    this is shit ovoxo nigga never forget until we overdose